Company BRANDSTEEL - Today it is a service metalworking center with a unique technology of EPS-metal cleaning, using high-tech equipment.

Starting from 2010, the company systematically implements a new development strategy, which involves expanding the range of activities through the development and implementation of metal processing services for the needs of Russian industry. Work on the creation of SMC was intensively carried out for 10 years. This project was implemented with the active support and assistance of PJSC MMK. Magnitogorsk is also the main partner of the newly opened SMC, which will provide services for MMK for the further processing of the Magnitogorsk metal. The plant is interested in increasing consumer properties of hot-rolled steel and in meeting the demands of consumers on the surface quality (color, appearance) of finished products, which grow year by year. Now, MMK has the opportunity to supply existing and potential customers (first of all, the automotive industry) a new type of metal with high added value, which has no analogues in the Russian market.