EPS metal cleaning

EPS-Ecological Surface Etching

The emergence of truly revolutionary technologies is an infrequent event. For years, the company unsuccessfully tried to find an alternative to acid etching. Today they have a choice. The EPS process is a revolutionary etching process that does not require the use of acids or aggressive chemicals. The process is environmentally friendly, as it does not require the use of hazardous chemicals, as usual etching. The finished product has a cleaner, rust-free surface without scale. Unlike acid etching, EPS is a mechanical process that uses key steel shot and water that circulates in the system for reuse.
Since EPS - purified materials are resistant to corrosion, they, unlike acid etched materials, do not require an oil coating to protect against rust. This means that no solvents are required to remove the oil before painting. In addition, the EPS technology actually creates a new surface, because it removes the secondary scale. On this new surface there are no such undesirable phenomena as shells, stripes of rust or silicon and pickling, often found on pickled and oiled materials.