Plasma cutting

CNC portal thermal cutting machine CombiCut series, specially designed for plasma and oxy-fuel metal cutting with high performance in multi-shift operation.

The machine has a durable welded gantry, which has undergone a process of removing residual stresses, a two-sided drive of the gantry axis X (longitudinal movement), and precision linear displacement systems make it possible to achieve the highest possible cutting accuracy in all modes.
CombiCut series machines are additionally equipped with calipers, which allow ink marking, processing of pipes, profiles of various cross sections, spherical bottoms, and cutting edges for welding using a rotary caliper with the patented technology of automatic calibration of a rotary caliper (ACTG), which have no analogues on the market.

The CNC system iMSNC and the AsperWin proprietary software allow to implement non-standard tasks arising at the production, to create fully automated procurement areas, working in conjunction with the crane industry from the CNC stand of the thermal cutting machine.